About Us

About the company

The company is the newest addition to the 100 years family owned business Elbarbary Group.

In 2010 with the plan of diversifying into new industries, Elbarbary Medical was established focused initially in the sales, promotion and distribution of hospital care products, clinical equipment and consumables with the intention of attaining a position as one of the leading and trustworthy medical companies in Sudan.
“Better quality of life”

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Our Mission

To improve the health and quality of life of people through understanding their needs and providing innovative and reliable health care products and medical services

Our Vision

To provide quality products and services targeting categories in which medical needs are unmet. Thus, exceeding the expectations of our customers

Our Core Values

We believe in managing our business with the highest sense of ethics and always
striving to gain the trust of our customers through our well-trained and professional
work force

Our Strategy

Powered by quality products and services, innovative partnerships and invaluable expertise, Elbarbary Medical aims to be a key player in development of Sudan’s healthcare sector and to improve the quality of life of everyone in Sudan and beyond.

Our Goals

  • Regional expansion in the medical field and develop a strong base of key customers
  • Increase the sales and market share of our product portfolio
  • To build good reputation in the medical field and healthcare management and become a key player in the industry


our team


Marketing Manager

Mohamed Ahmed Mansour

Application & service Manager

Amro M. EIhabeib

Sales Manager

Rasha Abdelrahim

Product Manager